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Are essay writing services illegal?
02 June 2017 / By Admin

Many students do have this question in mind and they are hesitant to render academic writing services. The answer to this question would be ‘Yes’. At Writepapers we never encourage the idea of misguiding students. That is why you will see different reasons to this question on different essay writing sites and almost all of them are non-sense.

The only reason that Writepapers will provide to justify this service as legal is that this service is legal but only for those students who know what they are doing. For example those students who are academically good and can write their essays, dissertations, thesis and other academic papers themselves, they can render this service simply because they may have other commitments and or tight schedules.

Another good example here would be of young mothers or those students who have got medical issues and need rest, while on the other hand the countdown continues and their deadline for assignment submissions are getting closer. This is the situation where they can render such services as they would not be cheating that way because they will be going through the paper anyways to understand it and know what has been written for them.

Writepapers classify this service as illegal for those students only who have got ample time to finish their assignments but they don’t focus and when the deadline is near, they render such services and then submit their work straightaway once they receive it. By doing so they don’t learn anything as they were already on the weaker side in their academic career and rendering such services would not help the cause.