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Understanding the writing process
03 June 2017 / Harry

Students have to go through writing activities whether they like it or not. The real problem starts when one as a student has to work on multiple assignments simultaneously. Such situations are the major cause of stress and may affect one’s academic performance by denting the marks and overall grades. Academic writing services therefore is the only available option to such students that can be acquired by them so as to rescue the situation.

It is time to understand the writing process to the fullest. There are 5 core steps that must be ensure by one as a write if the key aim is to be awarded with the best possible marks:

1-     Pre-writing: Putting things together to make a perfect blend:
In this initial phase one must gather all the relevant data that may help one from the inspiration perspective. Stages like planning, outlining, studying, brainstorming, note taking and mind-mapping etc. would become easier for the writer.

2-     Drafting- Jotting things down:
This would be the first composed piece of writing, more of a rough draft that would require further polishing and shaping for it to prove a worth reading material. It is not necessary that your prepared draft shall be perfect; you may call it a first step that would lead you to the best final product.

3-     Refinements/Revisions - Make it right:
At times you would need to revisit some of the ideas and points established by you, inclusion and exclusion process may take place here. There is nothing wrong with it as it is going to be all yours until you have submitted it. Shaping it to perfection is your basic right and it is this right that will take you in the right areas.

4-     Editing and Proofreading – A final check:
This is one of the core area that shall never be dealt by you with a lighter note. Check and check again, look for mistakes both grammatical and typos, fix them before you submit.

5-     Submission/Publishing – Time to shoot:
Now that you have done all the hard work, you might as well submit your written work and claim the best possible marks.